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Shrinking into foils

Shrink films not only package your materials, but also provide excellent protection.

The shrinkage process wraps your materials with special foils. In advance, the goods to be packed are placed on transport floors, pallets or other substructures and then thermally shrunk with the corresponding shrink film.

The most common shrink films are:

PVC Shrink Film Transparent Yellow

  • Excor VCI 150microns
  • Corrosion protection by molecular technology
  • Rolls with 6m width and 50m length

LPD shrink films in white or cream

Available thicknesses 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 microns

  • Rollers up to 8 meters wide and 25 meters long
  • Fire retardant (according to DIN 4102-B1)
  • UV protection designed for at least 12 months

The LPD shrink film is versatile:

  • General renovations
  • Transports
  • Industrial
  • Maritime Applications
  • Exhibition
  • Asbestos removal
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