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Stahl Exportverpackung Service Container jam

The proper and space-efficient storage of your cargo in containers is the prerequisite for optimal use of space and thus for cost-effective shipping. The S-E-S is happy to carry out the container jam of your cargo at your premises, at your suppliers or at the S-E-S logistics centre. An efficient container jam not only ensures safe and friction-free shipping, but also an easy unloading process of the cargo from the container.

For the contrainer shipping, you will receive a VGM (Verified Gross Mass) certification according to method 2. All packaging processes are documented and will be happy to be shared with you on request.

    Load securing in the container

    At the place of the container traffic, the cargo is packed and secured on the basis of the corresponding specifications and guidelines (e.g. customer/contract specifications, CTU guidelines) as well as the applicable country import regulations of the recipient country. According to the cargo, the method of wood treatment is specified and implemented both the type of installation and the type of safety seals.

    Save time with the S-E-S's mobile fast-tracking and load securing service

    They give the times for pick-up and arrival in front of us the S-E-S team takes care of the packaging, the container jam and the loading. The team handles the complete loading and securing up to the seal of pre-packed units in the container. This saves you the costs for extended downtimes, own traffic jams or the procurement of storage materials. In addition, your cargo is properly loaded and secured by professionals.

      Container unloading and storage of your goods

      The S-E-S supports you, imported machines, plants, plant parts, components or consumer products in the event of insufficient storage space and insufficient operating equipment with services related to storage and storage management.

      We are also happy to carry out the Inventory Commission in accordance with your specifications. We are happy to take over the necessary computer processing and documentation. And of course we also take over the packaging and organize the transport of the goods to your trading partner.

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