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Dismantling and assembly of machines and machinery

The S-E-S dismantles your machines and machinery and assembles them elsewhere or takes care of the disposal. In case of disposal, you will receive a corresponding disposal certificate.

Our specialists set up and put used machines and systems into operation for you.

Professional cleaning

We clean your machines and systems before installation. This professional basic cleaning ensures a smooth commissioning and verification of the plants and machines.

Assembly, disassembly

Take advantage of the S-E-S network and receive recruitment for the following services:

  • De- and reassembly of complete machines and systems (new or old) worldwide
  • Relocation of production and assembly plants nationally and internationally
  • Construction of new and used machines and plants
  • Air sliding cushion work
  • Lifting scaffolding work
  • Appropriate & environmental design Disposal of your old plants

Recruitment is carried out on the basis of the contract within the framework of AÜG. You can get this option for the smallest units as well as for complete systems.

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